Impera link burning change

This time impera link joins the game burning change. Classic games full of delicious and delicious fruit symbols are ready to give gamers victory. Impera link burning change is a game presented by novomatic. Classic games that get additional impera links will become games that are liked by many players.

A beautiful and easy-to-win game system will provide an opportunity to win with an additional jackpot. Each jackpot has a different value. These different jackpot values ​​will make gamers even more curious to get game coins. Are you going to let the symbol burn to the ground?

Lucky symbol

Robertknepperfans – If you feel in love with game symbols, gamers must improve the way they play and use your luck to win a lot. Game impera link burning change system game that relies on instinct so gamers can try to play it with luck. If you are lucky you will win a lot and get a high score.

There are many symbols that are ready to give gamers victory such as the number 7 symbol, bells, coins and fresh cherries, watermelons, lemons, oranges, plums, and grapes. What you should focus on is the number symbol 7. Symbols that become wild are ready to replace all symbols except coins. Coins will activate the jackpot feature. So coins cannot be replaced by any symbols.

Active jackpot feature

Coins have an independent value when coins are present with a number of 6 or more will activate the jackpot. The screen will stay still when you get coins. While the screen that is still empty will spin looking for coins or jackpots. If you get 5 jackpots at once, gamers will win big.

fun game with jackpot game//Fruits

Each symbol that forms a value will display a fire burning on the symbol. The winning direction that gamers can use to form values ​​can be from left to right and diagonally. Games that do not give free spins will make gamers keep trying to get the value of the same symbol.

Chance to win

The flames that continue to burn symbols make gamers get victory easily. Every time you activate the game jackpot, gamers will get 3 chances to spin the reels and if gamers get 1 more coin then you will get 3 more chances to spin. So the opportunity for the reels to spin will continue to be given when gamers get coins.

The chance of the coin will end when the screen is filled with coins until it is full. Full screen and score and congrats you win a lot of coins. Playing the game impera link burning change the types of games that are played for real money. Gamers must place a bet value that is sufficient to be able to enjoy the game freely.

Play with auto games

Although using real money, gamers can also determine the value of the bet that gamers want. By pressing plus and minus gamers can choose the bet value that gamers want. There is also an info button that is ready to tell you how to win and the number of symbols that can give the value of the winning coins.

The existence of information will make it easier for gamers to win. Impera link burning change also provides automatic games. The game screen rotates on its own so gamers don’t have to press the start button. The screen rotates quickly so gamers don’t have to wait long. Playing game impera burning change gives the impression of being fun and exciting. Easy to win with fresh game symbols and great game jackpots.